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TAJ Marble & Granite offers unsurpassed quality, service and customer satisfaction. We specialize in the supply and installation of the best quality standard Marble, Granite, travertine, onyx and sandstone in from all around the world for flooring, walls, stairways, foyers, kitchen counter top and facades, bathrooms and outdoor to maintain our clients satisfaction. We take pride in all our work especially our best prices, operation speed, loyalty and functionality. Our Marble and Granite technicians who come together to provide a special final look of natural stones with unique execution over the years we have maintained our cooperation with interior engineering & consultant, contractor companies over UAE & GCC countries for residential and commercial projects.


Thassos White
White Carrera
White Volakas
Vietnam White
Calacatta White
Calacatta Gold
Golden Spider
Crema Marfil
Botticino Classico
Crema Nova
Perlato Sicilia
Omani Beige
Light Emperador (Spain)
Light Emperador (Turkey)
Dark Emperado
Rosso Levante
Rosso Laguna
Rojo Alicante
Rosso Verona
Giallo Sienna
Crema Valencia
Amber Gold
Rain Forest Golden
Breccia Oniciata
Calacatta Violetta
Black & Gold
Nero Portoro
Forest Brown
Forest Green
Indian Green
Sodalite Bolivia
Sodalite - Bolivia
Armani Grey
Armani - Grey
Nilo Grey
Salome Pink
Silver Portoro
Black Marquina
Shiva Gold
Raw Silk
Indian Juparana
Rosy Pink
Rosa Porrino
Crystal Yellow
Desert Gold
Namibia Gold
Kashmir Gold
Giallo Antico
Giallo California
Yellow Juparana
Beige Vein Cut
Beige Crosscut
Noce Vein Cut
Noce Crosscut
Yellow Vein Cut
Yellow Cross Cut
Red Vein Cut
Walnut Vein Cut
Johnny Weekes
White Onyx
Pink Onyx
Honey Onyx
Green Onyx
Translucent Onyx
Alabaster Onyx
Yellow Onyx
Red Onyx
Mint Shivpuri
Agra Red
Dholpur Beige
Kota Blue

Waterjet is a technology that uses high pressure water to cut through materials soft or hard. The machine is programmed with mechanical drawings that are converted and feeder into CNC. Our company is equipped with 2 big water jet machines.

Best Quality work will be provided at reasonable prices and all effort measured will be taken to meet the customers utmost satisfaction. This will be definitely satisfy a long standing need and will not fail to save time, troubles and money, Please pay a visit. Rest assured the visit will pay you.

What are the advantages of using water jet cutting technology?

• Faster & economical than other processes.
• Cut virtually any material up to 6"(120 mm) or thicker.
• no heat generated / No heat affected zones - cold cutting
• No mechanical stresses
• cut virtually in any 2 dimensional shape
• Leaves a stain smooth finish, thus reducing secondary operation.
• Clean cutting process without gasses or oils.
• Draw the part / cut the part it is that east.
• High cutting accuracy, tolerant up to +/-0.003 inch can be achieved.


wj 2
wj 3
wj 5
wj 6
wj 7
wj 8
wj 9
wj 10
wj 11
wj 12
wj 13
wj 14
wj 15
wj 16
wj 17
wj 18
wj 19
wj 20
wj 21
wj 22
wj 23
wj 24
wj 25
wj 26
wj 27
wj 28
wj 29
wj 30
wj 31
wj 32
wj 33
wj 34
wj 35
wj 36
wj 37
wj 38
wj 39
wj 40
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